Laser Cutting – TRUMPF TruLaser 2030

Large Format Sheet Metal Cutting

Dynamic Fabrication has recently added laser cutting to its fabrication processes. The laser capacity is 60 x 120. We believe TRUMPF TruLaser achieves the best possible results in sheet metal processing.

Material thicknesses are:
Mild Steel – 1.00 in
Stainless Steel – .787 in
Inconel, HastX, Titanium – .787 in
Aluminum – .787 in
Copper – .314 in
Brass – .314 in

TRUMPF Laser Cutting enables Dynamic Fab to reduce non-productive time typically spent on set up and configuration. Our new TRUMPF TruLaser ensures reliable and consistent manufacturing, maximum cutting speeds, and outstanding cut quality.

We can cut even thick steel intricately. The selective cooling of the workpiece during the cutting process allows new geometries and significantly increases process reliability in the processing of thick steel. This process is part of the single cutting head strategy.