The items shown above are a fine example of the many and varied architectural fabrications made by Dynamic Fabrication, Inc. (DFI). We have fabricated many high quality, architectural metal furniture pieces, fixtures and decorative hardware items for a variety of clients. We specialize in providing high-quality, close tolerance fabrication, Mil. Spec. welding and precision machining to a broad spectrum of industries including aircraft, construction, entertainment, electronics, environmental, medical, architectural, semi conductor, pharmaceutical and transportation.

We are a precision fabrication and machining company specializing in Prototype and Short Production Runs for a variety of industries. We create specialty architectural fabrications from large 20 foot tall weldments to small precision machined signs and banners. Architectural fabrications are usually begun as a complex of parts and sub assemblies, which together make a working sculpture. Our ability to design, fabricate, and build a great variety of visually stunning metal sculptures separate us from a typical fabrication shop. We can fabricate custom handrails, custom curtain walls, custom doorframes, and more for your architectural project. We offer complete processing and finishing for all our ornamental metal fabrication work. Dynamic Fabrication delivers finely detailed architectural products with numerous types of fine finishes on stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and other decorative materials.

D.F.I. can handle orders with minimum lead-time. We’re confident of our ability to completely produce your products, including the complex parts others walk away from. At the heart of Dynamic Fabrication Inc. service is our prototype department. Working closely with designers and users, D.F.I.’s expertise can be blended with customer know how to create a economically sound design.


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